Tuesday, 3 June 2014


What I did.

Today was a pretty fundamental and a very educational day. We were exposed to much information about bacteria as ever before and even got the great opportunity of getting to learn great facts about the micro organisms. For practical, we were provided with two different samples of bacteria from two canteens. We were required to streak the bacteria using a 'Loop' onto a Petri Dish in a sterile environment. After having the chance to obtain many samples of bacteria in various domains such as gardens, toilets and even our classmate's face, we returned to lab once again to transfer the bacteria onto tubes with Agar, leaving them for incubation.

What did I learn from today?

I felt I have learnt plenty today, from the basic facts of bacteria to even handling them. The most important lesson today was in fact the presentation by Dr. Albert Chen, regarding the many interesting facts about bacteria. Other than that, I felt the procedures and reasons for the steps have enlightened my knowledge as well, professors taking the time to let us know why each procedure is done and how. Last but certainly not the least, I felt learning about Gram's Staining was amusing. The many facts about the Danish researcher had me intrigued and captured, digging almost every piece of scientific information about the procedure and why it is in fact done that way. 

How do I feel about today's activities?

I feel today's activities will certainly aid me in the future, If I ever do get the chance of working in a micro-biological field. The many facts and conducts of practicals have shown me different skills that can be applied in the long run. The knowledge gained from research and Dr. Albert Chen's presentation slides have also intrigued me further, spending my free time to actually research on bacteria. I felt that today was a great learning experience, in all.

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